In Glasgow (Scotland) there is a small market called “Sloans Market” just down Buchanan Street. There is a stall owned by a woman, her stall is Plectra Picks. Now I got a few picks before I got a Demi one, some Batman ones etc.

Now I knew she did personalised picks as well, so I message her on Facebook and I asked her if she could make some picks of Camila, Lauren and Fifth Harmony (as seen in the photos, the finished product). They are made so you can use them as picks, or (as I use them) on necklaces, bracelets, key rings etc. They look great and last a long time.

I completely recommend visiting the stall which is there Saturday and Sunday 11 to 5 (from memory) she will do anything, she even googled Fifth Harmony to find out who they are! She was incredibly kind to me as she would do anything, and nothing seemed to much trouble!!

So if you live in the Glasgow area or in Scotland or anywhere else and would like these, head to the before mentioned place in Glasgow and go chat to her!

Here is her Facebook link:

(for Fifth Harmony blogs, the above pics are still there if you like them)

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